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Célia Belin is a visiting adolescent in the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings. Her areas of ability accommodate trans-Atlantic relations, U.S. adopted action against Europe, French backroom and adopted policy, the role of civilian association in adopted policy, religion/secularism, and cardinal -to-be analysis.

Prior to abutting Brookings, she served for over bristles years as an adviser on U.S. diplomacy and trans-Atlantic relations in the French adopted ministry’s Centre d’Analyse, de Prévision et de Stratégie (policy planning staff), area she recommended action options through notes, reports, speech-writing, and alteration documents, as able-bodied as conducted 1.5 dialogues and led assorted abiding analysis projects on areas of cardinal accent to French adopted policy. Belin was additionally arch editor of the center’s flagship publication, Les Carnets du CAPS. She accomplished U.S. adopted action to master’s acceptance at University Paris 2 and University of Saint-Denis. Previously, Belin was a bedfellow adolescent at the Council on Adopted Relations in New York and a visiting analysis academic in the Middle East Institute at Columbia University.

Belin holds a doctorate in political science (University Paris 2), a master’s amount in all-embracing relations (University Paris 2), and a bachelor’s amount in Modern Languages/Business (University of Burgundy). Her argument on Evangelical pro-Israel lobbying in the U.S. was appear by Fayard (Jésus est juif en Amérique, 2011), and the book accustomed a “particular mention” from the Emile Perreau-Saussine award-winning on political philosophy. Belin writes consistently on U.S. diplomacy and trans-Atlantic relations, is a common analyst on radio and television, and afresh co-edited a book on U.S. adopted action (Les Etats-Unis dans le monde, CNRS editions, 2016).

Annuaire français des relations internationales, co-editor of the US adopted action section
Centre Thucydide, University Paris 2, adopted fellow

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